Hartini82 - Indonesian Maid

6 years 3 months
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Can handle all.
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HDB  4-room.  Chinese family of 3.  Sir, mdm and 2 children new born boy/2 yo girl.
She did all housework, cooking, marketing, groceries and washing of car.   She started working 1 month before the boy was borned.   She attended to all needs of the boy - bathe, make milk, feed, burp after feeding, change diapers and put him to bed.   For the 2 yo, she got her ready for school.   Mdm would fetch her to school and she would bring her home by mrt with baby (when baby was 1 yo).
She renewed her contract but unfortunately her mother passed on and there was no one to look after her son.   Her son is in boarding school now so she is ready to come back to Singapore to work.

HDB 5 room.  French family of 4.  Sir, mdm 2 children 8mth/2 yo.
She did all housework, cooking and attended to all needs of the 8mth old boy.   She cooked porridge and oats for the 2 children.   Mdm would tell her what to cook and gave her many recipes to follow.   Mdm sent her for baking classes.   
Family relocated.

HDB 5 room.  Chinese family of 3.  84yo high blood, diabetic ah ma, ah ma's brother and sister-in-law.
She did all housework and cooking.   She attended to all ah ma's needs - showered her, changed diapers, gave medicine, helped her to eat, watched over ah ma when she used walking frame to move around the house and bought her (in wheelchair) by mrt to NUH for check-ups 3 times a week.
Ah ma passed on.

Condo.   Chinese family of 9.   Sir, mdm, 3 grown-up children, 1 daughter-in-law, ah ma and 2 mdm's sisters.
She did all housework, cooking, marketing, groceries and washing of car.   Ah ma is healthy and will go out with friends/relatives on her own.   She would cook dinner early for those who worked at home and around 9pm for sir, mdm and her sisters.   The sisters would cook occasionally.
She terminated because she had not enough rest.   She finished washing up after 2nd round of cooking/eating at around 1 to 2 am.

HDB 5 room. Chinese family of 4.  Sir, mdm, 2 children 6/8 yo and 1 big dog.
She did all the housework and cooking.   The family ate rice with dishes or porridge for breakfast.  She walked the dog 4 times a day - 5.30am, 11am, 4.30pm and 8.30pm.   She would prepare the children for school, bring the elder one downstairs to wait for school bus and cooked lunch for him.  Sir would fetch the younger child to/from childcare.   
She was transferred because employer took back previous helper.   Previous helper looked after his daughter from birth.

HDB 5 room.   Chinese family of 6.  Sir, mdm, ah gong, ah ma and 2 children 5mth/2 yo.
They lived in Tampines.   She would do housework in the morning.   She showered, fed the children and went together in Mdm's car to por por (mdm's mother) house in AMK.   After settling the baby, she would walk the older child to playgroup.  Back in por por's house, she would do all housework and also attend to the baby's needs.   At 2 pm, she would fetch older child back from school.  Por por would help her look after the kids when she cooked.   They would go back to Tampines at around 9pm after dinner.  She would clean the master bedroom/toilet and any other uncompleted housework.
Finished contract.   She went back to get married.




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