Thin Thin Mar - Myanmar-Myanmese Maid

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Additional Skills and Experience: 
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Employment history: 

Period of Employment
Employer / Country
Work Duties

Start Date
End Date

15 Sep 2018
24 Apr 2019

HDB (3 rooms)

Chinese family of 2 including Ah Ma (75 yo) and Ah Gong (80 yo).

Ah Ma was healthy.

Ah Gong who had mobility issues, needed a walking stick to move about. Ah Gong needed someone to change his diapers, shower him, accompany him to the hospital for medical appointments, issue him medication, etc.

Housecleaning and cooking.

Both elderly shifted to stay with their son who had an existing PH helper. 

Employer no longer require her service as a domestic helper.


10 May 2018
15 Sep 2018

HDB (3 rooms)

Chinese family of 3 including Ah Ma (76 yo).

She had to change diapers for Ah Ma, shower her, and feed her daily.

Housecleaning and cooking.

Ah Ma did not treat her well and she requested for a transfer of employment.

04 May 2016
08 Mar 2018

Landed (4 rooms)

Chinese family of 1 including Ah Ma (60+ yo).

Ah Ma had high blood pressure and was required to take daily medication.

Ah Ma went for a knee operation and was wheelchair-bound. She had to accompany Ah Ma for hospital appointments and daily exercises.

Housecleaning and cooking.

Finished contract.

20 Jul 2015
04 May 2016

HDB (4 rooms)

Chinese family of 3 including Ah Gong (89 yo).

Ah Gong had kidney failure, and she accompanied him for his weekly dialysis at the hospital.

Ah Gong required her to change his diapers, shower and feed him, and accompany him to medical appointments.

Housecleaning and cooking.

She was transferred to a new employer due to the demise of Ah Gong.

13 Oct 2014
20 Jul 2015

HDB (3 rooms)

Malaysian Chinese family of 4 including 2 children (3/6 yo). 

She had to prepare the children for school, walk them to school, shower and feed them.

Housecleaning and cooking.

Her Mdm and Sir were separated and part of the family was relocated back to Malaysia.


02 Jun 2014
13 Oct 2014

HDB (5 rooms)

China family of 3 including Ah Ma (73 yo).

Ah Ma had dementia and was frequently hitting her due to her medical condition.

She had to accompany Ah Ma to her medical appointments, shower and feed her.

 Housecleaning and cooking.

She requested a transfer of employment due to Ah Ma mistreating her. Her employer supported the transfer.


Licence Number:
81A Clemenceau Ave #04-20, Park Avenue Suites
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