Aye Aye San - Myanmar-Myanmese Maid

3+ years
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Period of Employment
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05 Jan 2024
19 Feb 2024

HDB (4 rooms).

Chinese family of 3 including Ah Kong (73 yo) and Ah Ma (70 yo).

Ah Ma was healthy and required no eldercare.

Ah Kong was hospitalized due to health issues. She had to visit Ah Kong daily at the hospital. After his discharge, she assisted him with daily indoor/outdoor exercises, and Ah Ma helped to shower Ah Kong.

Managed housecleaning and cooking.

She terminated her employment to return home as she was worried for the safety of her parents due to the political situation and unrest in Myanmar.  

28 Jul 2023 
22 Nov 2023

HDB (3 rooms).

Only Ah Kong (83 yo).

Ah Kong had dementia. She helped with his daily medication, accompanied him to his medical appointments, and fed him during meals.

Managed housecleaning only.

No requirement to cook at home as all food was bought from outside.

Ah Kong was sent to a nursing home and there was no need for domestic help. 

21 Jun 2022
10 Jun 2023

HDB (4 rooms).

Chinese family of 6 including Ah Kong (75 yo) and 3 adult children.

Ah Kong was hospitalized before her employment and she had to visit him daily at the hospital. 

After his discharge from the hospital, she helped to shower him daily. 

Managed housecleaning and cooking.

Ah Kong passed away and there was no need for domestic help. 

31 May 2019
16 Jul 2021

HDB (3 rooms).

Chinese family of 5 including Ah Kong (85 yo), Ah Ma (78 yo), and one child 3 yo.

Ah Ma and Ah Kong were healthy and required no eldercare, except for accompanying Ah Kong to his medical appointments and assisting him with his daily exercises.

She helped to shower and feed the boy and sent him daily to the childcare centre. 

Finished contract. She did not continue as she was not given rest days during her employment.


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